So happy to find this post, a year after the fact, but still so lovely. L really wants to write to Megan, just need to find a way…

Chasing rainbows

I’m not sure that I strictly believe in ‘signs’. But something is definitely at play. Whenever I’ve been having a wobble something happens that shows us we are on the right path…

Sign 1

As we left London on the underground, I felt sick and shaky. It was time to make the jump. Was it right for us? Was this going to be ok? Then by chance of fate, a family sat down opposite us on the train. The mum was wearing a two year old little girl in an ergo and a four year old boy was sat next to her. Naturally, we got chatting. It turns out they were an Australian family on their way to Heathrow returning to Canberra after having been travelling around Spain, France and the UK. They were us, but at the end of their journey, all in one piece and at peace. I…

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2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. So lovely to read this. Always amazes me how kindred spirits pop up in life regardless of place, time or history.
    To be treasured whenever and wherever.

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