No, I’ve not quit blogging already!

Yes, it has been far too long since my last post. I left you just before moving out of the hotel. Well, we have been in our new house for a few weeks now and although I have been busy assembling furniture, shopping for bed linens, towels, rugs and stair gates, this is not the reason behind me not blogging. Frustratingly our gorgeous house and new lifestyle does have a blip and that is that the internet provision is shocking, Without fail it goes from rubbish to nothing every evening and I am sure you can all understand that blogging in the day is a tad tricky. However, S is napping in the pushchair right by me,  our ‘house maid’ is sorting the washing (I saw that face!!) and If I am quick I could possibly publish a post.


As you can see, its looking lovely and homely in the living room. The playroom has come on nicely too and even the guest room now has a bed and a lovely Indian handmade quilt over it.


We have been eating outside in the back garden a lot, and have been enjoying tomatoes fresh from the same back garden. We have invested in a water table for the girls to play with out there and I have bought a baby bath for some more creative water play outside too. We have bought several stair gates and one is now at the door of the girls room leading onto balcony so they can sleep with that door open now with the breeze cooling them, and listen to the waves on the beach as they fall asleep. Only in my dreams did I ever think we would live so close to the sea. It’s wonderful.

A few weeks ago my new spangly UK driving licence arrived and although pretty terrifying at first, I am now thoroughly enjoying the freedom it provides me. The girls are enjoying it too as it means I have been able to take them to playdates and classes. Both now enjoy yoga classes once a week and S will start a music class tomorrow morning. Swimming lessons are in our pool behind our garden. I love my massive beast of a car- it was especially appreciated the other day when another storm came, the rain closed the school, roads started to flood and I had to drive in it to collect L. I was VERY brave.

We have been back to Dubai for a third and final time so the girls and I are no longer ‘tourists’. We all have the residency stamps in our passports… now just need to get my Omani driving licence.

The compound has a lovely little playground which we have been making use of while it’s not ridiculously hot and humid. It has several frangipani trees in it which I love. I can’t wait for them all to be in flower again. Just a couple of flowers are left…


Well, S awakes so thats the end for now. Looking forward to our first visitors in 3 weeks… who else wants to come?


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