The Tallest Tower in the Whole Wide World, and an apology

I am so sorry. A lesson has truly be learnt; if I have just a shortie to write then so be it, because if I leave it ’til I have more to say there soon becomes so much that it’s a ‘put off’ to sit and type when I am pooped at the end of the day. Take this pic for example, I took it to show what the last bit of my walk back from L’s nursery (aka THE MONTESSORI) looked like on a cloudy day, though most of it was along the beach to be honest…Image

I thought walking back would take me a good 2hrs which would equal a reasonable workout, so I was happy and also frustrated when it took just an hour.  That was the week before last (we are at the end of the week today, Saturday, the start on another is tomorrow, Sunday). I didn’t write about my lovely walks, and then we had a storm. The wind blew, there was a crack of  thunder and a good amount of rain, and M got called to collect L from nursery as it was closing down due to the weather. Roads flooded, airport closed, we cancelled our plans for a non hotel dinner for M’s birthday thinking it would not be sensible to drive. Thankfully the hotel knocked him up a yummy chocolate cake…Image

On Valentines day we flew to Dubai, hoping that on our return at least M would have the necessary stamp in his passport to start the next stage of LIVING here. It was a relief not to drive with the risk of puke hanging over us. We stayed at a hotel right next to Dubai Festival City Mall so we could get to Ikea easily for another attempt at buying guest beds. From the 19th floor we had a stunning view over the creek and out to the city skyline with the Burj Khalifa rising oh so high. L had us grinning from ear to ear every time she referred to it as ‘The Tallest Tower in the Whole Wide World’. I really wanted a proper camera rather than just the one on my phone…


S had us up far to early for Dubai opening times, so we took ourselves of the ‘TTTITWWW’, though couldn’t get up to the top as several thousand people seemed to have booked beforehand.



We explored probably only about a third of the massive Dubai Mall. It’s HUGE! The girls loved the fish, sharks, rays and penguins in the aquarium and ‘Underwater Zoo’  in the middle, it was impressive, though I did feel there were too many fish, sharks, rays and penguins to be honest.



We hit Ikea the next day, and now have guest beds and some furniture for the roof terrace on their way to Muscat. Dubai Festival City Mall is much more modest in size 😉


We have also been busy making some new friends, and having fun on the beach. This brilliant pic was taken by 7yr old D, the elder sister of K, and I love it..


And I have also been busy with snot. S got poorly with high temps the day after the beach and although now the fevers have gone, her poor nose has bled it’s so raw from the gallons of snot coming from it. However, they have been loving hanging at the new house both today and yesterday, where it is now part painted (I’m going back tomorrow after the nursery drop off to ‘encourage’ some swifter work) and there is an assembled bunk bed and double bed and a partly assembled sofa. Well done M (minimal help from me due to needing to keep girls out of the way). We HOPE to move in on Tuesday and finish assembling furniture once in as, as lovely as this hotel is, we would really like to get stuck in to normality and home cooking now. So, unless something really juicy happens between now and us getting a couple of rooms fully ready, you will not get another post until then, when I have some ‘look at our new home’ pics to show off 😉


4 thoughts on “The Tallest Tower in the Whole Wide World, and an apology

  1. Great to read another post….we are enjoying it all with you…house looked stunning the other day on face time…lovely pics….hope you get to move in soon. xxx

  2. Love the photo of M and the girls in front of that wall with the divers. Have a feeling I might like those malls!
    Hope you get into your house soon. Xx

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