Quickly, while the wifi works and S naps!

Yes, I know, the gaps between post are getting longer and longer. Would you believe I actually have bigger and better plans for this blog? Just got to figure out some techy stuff… so it will be a while I guess.

This will be a domestic babble. The temperature is rising, it got to 45deg C in Muscat yesterday apparently. From my pervious experience in Riyadh I’m thinking it will not feel too much worse than this from now on as ‘hot is hot’. Water has started dribbling down the outside of our windows at times. OK, so it will get worse, thanks to the humidity rising.



Pretty tiles and fretwork catch my eye quite often. I have been meaning to take a walk with my camera (aka phone) but it’s too hot to take the girls out walking in the afternoon now, and mornings are full of other stuff. Nearby villas have some really detailed fretwork. We have recently had visitors, our first! Mum celebrated a ummm, ‘important’ birthday here with us, my step-dad, and my brother and SIL. While I drove about my brother commented on the lack of colour in Muscat, but I found myself quick to disagree as the pops of bright aqua, green, blue and gold on top of mosques, and the tile work scattered everywhere colour the place beautifully.


We celebrated Mum’s birthday with a ‘bubbly brunch’ at The Grand Hyatt, our old home. The girls got to decorate eggs on the garden while we took it in turns watching them and drinking and eating. We walked home along the beachfront as the sun started to set and watched hundreds of families and friends enjoying the cooler hours with BBQs, games of football, walks, and chats while smoking sheesha pipes. No joke, I think the sight would have been called a ‘festival’ in the UK, but it was simply what happens here.




The actual birthday was spent on a massive trip up into the mountains, which will be included in a blog post very soon. It was my biggest drive yet by HOURS!

The ship / cargo finally arrived, and brought both tears and joy.



Boxes had got very wet somehow, and the contents grew gardens of stinky stuff in the heat of the trip over and wait at the docks. Not everything had to be chucked, but a lot.


However, our cherished cloth nappies, which I had bagged up in one of those big laundry / storage bags prior to the packers coming, were all fine and were freshened up and back in use just in time for Real Nappy Week 2014.


I will be taking some pics of them in use so I can post online to ‘flash the fluff’ and join in the RNW party 🙂

The girls are thriving. Both of them are becoming little dolphins in the pool, and we are getting pretty good at getting messy when inside escaping the heat. This week alone we have knocked up 2 batches of play dough, 1 batch of cloud dough, a victoria sponge and later today we will use up the remaining Easter chocolates in a batch of chocolate chip cookies… Must remember to make another batch ready for Sunday morning when I will host a weekly breastfeeding support group here at home for the first time.

The cloud dough had them busy for hours! When I learn how to tag / link other blogs I will share the creatively inspiring blogs here!




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