Another ‘New Family’

It’s always nice to meet people in the same boat hey? I don’t know what her name is but she has a little boy the same age as S and only arrived on Tuesday, and they are in the suite opposite ours (all 5 of them!)
We got talking at the ‘hotel-home’ baby pool where L and S and I had been splashing about for a bit after breakfast.

splashing in the ‘hotel-home’ baby pool

While splashing, I had been thinking ‘phew’. It really is with a big sense of relief  that I find us all here. I’m not saying I will not miss some lovely friends in Reigate, but things had been tough there at times what with money being tight and me being a very ‘late learner’ on the car front and M being away from home so much leaving me solo parenting a lot. We will have so much more ‘family time’ compared to what we had in the UK with M not travelling away so much and me having help at home freeing up more time for ‘family fun’, and financially its going to be easier too.

S splashing in her new Frugi hat

Taking the working-overseas- leap is something I would personally encourage lots of people to do. It can provide such amazing opportunities for everyone involved as well as re-balance bank accounts. If I had not gotten on the plane to Riyadh back in 2005 I would be without M, possibly without kids, and certainly still in ‘that debt’. Yes, for some it can mean leaving family (grandparents etc) at home, but the increase in quality of life for immediate family can be fantastic. Lots of countries are in need of extra people from all sorts of backgrounds, not just nurses, medics, teachers and plane fanatics 😉 I know someone lovely who headed out of the UK as a Fitness Instructor; she’s certainly in a very different ‘place’ now.

Anyway, we decided to have lunch by the pool today, and then S wanted sleep so we headed back to our rooms and while S lay in a  ‘monkey’ slumber (for some reason ‘monkey’ is the new ‘milky’) L and I covered e, f and g in her activity book.

The afternoon came with a good breeze, so once sleeping beauty awoke we headed out for a scoot along the seafront. A chatty Omani guy stopped to ask if they were twins, and then if we were Russian?! I know my Mum and Step-dad will chuckle at that. We were just past the Russian embassy back door, but still!  We continued until we got to the side wall of the British Embassy, which I decided we could all get to in the case of a national emergency (my imagination is ludicrous) and then headed back to meet M ‘hotel-home’ from work.

dates, coffee and factor 50

‘monkey’ slumber

scooting along the seafront making the most of a breeze

scooting along the seafront making the most of a breeze

the scooting Frugi twins (apparently)

dead-heading the marigolds, though not their excuse