There’s washing in the machine still, but smiles on our faces

We purged, tidied and de-cluttered, then stripped the beds, washed the sheets and packed. I’ve written the start of this blog numerous times and was planning on linking to this and that, but I now just need to make the first post and get cracking.

We arrived late Friday and although there is just 4 hours difference between Omani and UK times, the girls are still off-kilter with sleep and napping. So, we missed a Montessori nursery visit this morning for L, but I really enjoyed spending un-pressured time with her after the pool this afternoon with an alphabet sticker activity book while S napped (again). No worrying about making dinner or housework. I felt very lucky.

The newly cut Yale keys we left with friends don’t work, so the washing I had to leave in the machine sowe could go to the airport hotel is still in there. 

A wonderful balmy 26 deg C today, which made a lovely temp for shell collecting on the beach after breakfast with S having her first nap of the day on my back.


And M, well he got ‘hotel-home’ before the girls were changed for bed. Happy.

An onslaught of photos will follow soon enough. Bare with me please, am warming up.


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